Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Section Elections 
Jie and I had a fun time last night with another blogger and his family. They're here in the Northeast checking out various schools and I think Jie and I were able to share a lot of what we learned over the last year or so with them. I hope the info is useful. Also, he and his brother sat in on my accounting class today. It wasn't as entertaining a class as I thought it would be, but I did manage to liven it up at one point. We were discussing the Intel chip flaw fiasco from 1994 and I recommended (only half seriously) that Intel dump the bad chips that were in inventory overseas. That comment got a gasp and a laugh from the class, especially when the professor pressed me for a specific country. I declined to name one, and then was helped out by a couple of classmates who said that the chips could probably be sold in specific markets for specific functions that would not encounter the error.

We're flying back to Houston on Thursday night, and I'm thrilled. I've already started planning which Mexican food restaurants we'll hit and when we'll hit them. I've got to maximize my culinary experience because it has to last until at least Thanksgiving (and maybe longer, if ticket prices don't come down...).

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