Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Stream of consciousness 
Since I rarely have time to sit down and really write something good for the blog (maybe once a week?), I'm going to try shifting to more of a stream of consciousness mode of writing. I'll write whenever I get a chance, maybe a few times a day, but it will be shorter and less insightful. Of course, one could question the insightfulness of my longer and more thought out posts, so maybe quality won't even drop.

It turned out that I was pretty much on the money in the TOM case. I was a little off here and there, but by and large I had it nailed. That's a good feeling. We were given the abridged version of the case, though, so maybe that's why students historically have trouble with it while I didn't. Or maybe it's because it was very similar to rate of flow problems that I can remember doing in undergrad. Whatever, the case, it's over now and I have another big TOM case for tomorrow...

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