Friday, October 01, 2004

It feels good to be back in Texas. The flight last night was great, I knocked out all three cases for Monday and still had time to catch the good scenes in Spiderman 2, which was the in-flight movie. It reminded me of my old college days when I would load up on caffiene and get a lot of work done. I guess the combination of the burger king combo and the in-flight coke got me back into the homework zone. In any event, it was about the most productive flight I've ever had.

Today we do a whirlwind tour of Houston to try and take care of everything and still get out of town by 2pm so we can hit Austin without serious traffic. Between now and then we're going to try do the following:

As you can see, we've got a full day ahead of us. I also got good news, Jie and I have box seats for the first half of the Texans/Raiders game on Sunday. That will really be a good time.

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