Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Discovering My Career in Business 
That's the title of the book they give to everyone during Foundations, it's written by the head of career services here. I finally got around to reading it over the weekend, after I had the fear of God put in me during the career services presentation last week. Apparently I was supposed to use the last month to start thinking about what I want to do with my life, rather than just trying to survive.

Anyway, I've talked before about CareerLeader, the online tool that the authors developed and that we use here. I last took the test back in March, so I decided to take it again since I have gained some distance from my last employer. My scores changed slightly, though not much. I am strong in quantitative analysis, theory development, and managing people. I am weak in creative production, enterprise control, and counseling and mentoring. Thinking back over my work experience since high school I think that these results are pretty accurate. What this means going forward is that my career hunches of investment management, corporate finance, or back into operations are probably on target. So, at this early stage I think I will focus my internship finding efforts on those areas, in that order.

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