Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Good luck! 
I just wanted to take a minute, well actually, this minute, to wish all the Class of 2007 Round 1 applicants good luck. In just 60 seconds the window will close and Round 2 will officially begin. So, I imagine there are a lot of people out there who are beginning what will probably be a long and agonizing 3 months. The good news is that there will be times over the next 96 days that you will forget about the impending decision. The bad news is that those moments will be few and far between, especially with interview invites, other applications, interviews, etc. In any event, you should relax and bask in the knowledge that you have done all you can do and it's out of your hands at this point. Just try to enjoy yourself, and January 19th will get here soon enough.

One bit of advice, though. Hmmm, how should I put this so it will get through? DON'T READ THE BUSINESS WEEK BOARDS!!! They will only drive you crazy, and they're just not worth the lost time and added frustration.

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