Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Interviews, Part 1 
Riter asked me to talk a little about my experience last year with interviews, since that's what all the Round 1 people are stressing over. I applied to four schools in Round 1: Kellogg, Texas, Stanford, and Harvard. Kellogg requires an interview of every applicant, while the other three aim to interview 100% of accepted applicants.

My Kellogg interview didn't go very well, although I doubt it's the reason I was dinged. It started even before the interview when I spoke to my interviewer on the phone and incorrectly recorded his e-mail address. He worked for Hines, and I heard Heinz. A common mistake I'm sure, but it just started things off on the wrong foot. We arranged to meet at a Starbucks that was just a few blocks from my office, so when the time came I was generous and allowed myself 15 minutes to get there. Unfortunately, there was bumper to bumper traffic the entire way there and I wound up 2-3 minutes late. Ah well, these things happen. I never really connected with the interviewer, and although he made Kellogg sound like a very fun place, I was turned off by his HBS-bashing. I also made the mistake of ordering a Frappuccino on an unseasonably cold November evening, and so I shivered through the entire outdoor interview. Anyway, all things told it wasn't even close to being a disaster, but it was definitely the least fun. I'll try to write about the waiting game and the other interviews in the coming days...

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