Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Quick Update 
Well, we made it back from Texas safe, sound, and full. After a whirlwind tour of the state, three cities in three days, we were exhausted. We did just about everything we wanted to, and I ate mexican food until I was sick, literally. Well, sort of literally. In any event, it was great to be in Texas, but around Sunday morning Jie and I found ourselves longing to be back home in Boston. It was a strange feeling, but we've done such a good job settling into our apartment we just hate to leave it too long.

School is back in full swing. Today in the meeting with my TOM group I think we finally got a good plan together. I am officially the wire cutter and kit putter togetherer for my group, which beats production but isn't as good as purchasing. I have a certain skill with the wire strippers, though, so I had to answer my calling.

Our section lost it's third straight flag football game today, 19-18. It was a tough loss to stomach, but we did score three times as many touchdowns as in the first two games combined. We would have been up at the end of the first half but I dropped a pass in the end zone on 4th down. It was not the easiest catch to make, but I should have had it.

After reading other 1st year's blogs I am really happy that HBS does not allow recruiters on campus for internships until December. Taking this time to really get things down is nice, and I'm busy enough as it is without trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up just yet. Now I have the rest of October and November to do that. See, much better... ;)

One final note before I conclude this "quick" update. One of the strength's of the HBS program is that if you are kind of middle-of-the-road in most areas (i.e. not an Investment Banker who knows finance, or a CPA who knows accounting...) then the HBS experience is perfect. Forcing everyone into one classroom for all subjects forces the pace to the average student. Now, in undergrad that was killer, but here it's quite nice. I know guys who are bored stiff in Finance 1 or Accounting, but so far everything has moved along at a very good pace for me.

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