Thursday, November 11, 2004

The calm before the storm 
The amount of time I spend on case preparation has dropped pretty consistently over the last month or so. Gone are the days when I spend 5 hours on a three case night or 3.5 on a two case night. No, these days I might spend 2.5 hours on 3 cases, and that's only if there are a lot of numbers to run in one of them. Am I less busy? Not really. Am I less stressed? Yes...for now.

Instead of case preparation I've spent more time ramping up preparations for the job search. Company presentations start on Monday, and once they hit I don't think I'll have a lot of free time until March. Or maybe April. Anyway, I've got my Personal Action Plan in writing, I've finished up my resume, and I've started to make a spreadsheet of companies. I've also met with a couple of second years who worked in equity research either full time before HBS or last summer. Right now my focus is on getting an equity research summer internship. Although I really enjoyed being in operations before, and I think I would enjoy going back into it, I want to try my hand in asset management and see if it works for me. The field is pretty competitive, though, so it will take a lot of legwork. In other words, classes are ceasing to be a big deal just as the job search is poised to take over my life...

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