Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Quick Update 
Well, things are busy. I've been trying to research potential employers, attend info sessions, and still keep up with my homework. Jie and I spent a great Thanksgiving day here in town with a few couples and then went to Montreal for the weekend with another couple. It was a good time, although Montreal seems better suited for bachelor parties.

Other than that, nothing interesting to report. Oh yeah, my section has this tradition during the week of Hollidazzle (the semester-end party) where we all pick a level of dare (1-4, or tame to crazy) and then are given a dare and give a dare to people who also chose our level. I am a level 2, but I haven't been given my dare just yet. Some of the dares thus far include: setting a bottle of Grey Goose on your desk during class, consulting a teddy bear when called upon by the professor, walking through the hallways between classes wearing a bath towel and asking people for directions to the shower, and singing the national anthem before class. I'll be sure and fill you in on my dare once I know what it is...

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