Saturday, December 18, 2004

$20,000 worth of education 
Well, yesterday I completed the first $20k of my MBA education. I'm not sure I feel $20k smarter, but whatever. Finals as a whole weren't too bad, although I don't think I did as well on marketing as I would have liked. Actually, I feel like I could have aced or bombed all of my finals, so I'll be really curious to see what my grades are like. We don't find out until right before next semester, though.

Jie and I have tentative spring break plans finally set up. We wanted to go with the HBS Sailing Club on their trip to the British Virgin Islands, but I don't have much confidence that they will get the trip put together in time to get decent airfare, so we opted instead for a trip to Barbados. We got the trip off a vacation auction site, and are just waiting on final confirmation that the room and airline seats are available for our travel days. If it all works out, we'll be spending 7 nights in Barbados at an all-inclusive resort.

I made the mistake of ordering Christmas gifts semi-last minute from Amazon. They still haven't shipped, after four days, and I'm doubtful that they'll arrive in time for Christmas. I e-mailed them and asked for better shipping (at their cost, of course), but they would only give me an Amazon gift certificate instead. I really need to work on ordering gifts further in advance...

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