Thursday, December 16, 2004

4 down, 1 to go 
Well, finals are almost behind me. Accounting was today, and it was probably the most challenging one yet, although it wasn't too bad. Finals week in general has been pretty nice. Finals don't start until 9am, so I've been getting to bed around 11 for a solid 8 hours of sleep. Studying hasn't been a big issue either. All told I've probably put in 6 hours for my 4 finals, which is about what I would put in for 4 cases. The difference is that I only have one final a day, as opposed to 2-3 cases.

That's the beauty of the case method and open book finals, I think. It's just another case so you work it like you would a normal assignment, except with more structure and detail. You don't have to waste time remembering anything because you have all your cases and books in there with you, if you care to lug them to school.

Today for Accounting we did have to go through the idiotic printing procedures again. I don't see why I couldn't stay home and upload my exam like we could yesterday for LEAD.

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