Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I set out to create a post that brings together all of the applicant advice I have so graciously shared over the last 10 months or so for all those poor souls who are working on their round 2 apps right now. Well, apparently I am not the benevolent host I thought I was, because this blog is almost entirely devoid of advice on applications. To be fair, I did write several things on the long-dormant MBA Advice site, but none of that wisdom made it's way here. So, in order to completely avoid studying for my LEAD final (or, gasp, looking ahead to FRC), here is some unsolicited advice:
Finally, for those of you interested in HBS, the key is: leadership. Someone once described it to me this way: At HBS they want to know that you are on this leadership trajectory, that you will be a great leader someday. You don't have to be far along the trajectory now, just on it. HBS is all about educating future leaders, they take it very seriously. Showing that you are on your way to becoming such a leader is a good way to improve your odds.

I'll conclude with my standard disclaimer: the advice you have just received is worth exactly what you paid for it, and it is based solely upon my own observations and opinions. Oh yeah, good luck!

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