Friday, December 03, 2004

Holidazzle Hijinks 
Well, the week of Holidazzle is almost over, and the section events this week have been truly memorable. I finally got my own dare, which I performed today. I went with a level 2, which was probably a mistake, I think a level 3 dare would have been more fun. Today I went to class in an OU sweatshirt (the only article of clothing I could round up from the 3 former OU students currently at HBS), and after the second class made an announcement proclaiming the sooners to be the best football team for several reasons. It was a good dare, considering how deeply I despise the state, school, and football team of oklahoma. If I've offended any of my readers, I apologize, but you should really move to Texas.

Other section dares today included a guy stripping down to a speedo and sunbathing in the hallway and another classmate donning a Mugatu disciple t-shirt and distributing flyers advocating child labor as a way to improve the fashion industry. Yesterday we had a couple of guys get their legs waxed between classes, as well as a pitch for Viagra.

By far the highlight of the week was a song written and sung by what must be the most creative member of our section. In it was some reference to every member of the section, along with all of the professors. Not only does this guy have a serious talent for song writing, but his vocal and guitar skills are pretty damn good as well. The section was thoroughly impressed, and we gave a several minute standing ovation.

Tonight is Holidazzle, the big ball that marks the end of the first semester. Well, not quite, we do have one more week, but you get the idea. I'm really excited about it, I'm in need of a good opportunity to kick back and enjoy myself.

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