Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Some plans fall through, some are improved 
Well, our cheapo plans for Barbados fell through. Some part of the trip was sold out for the week we chose. Given that it's spring break, that's not too surprising. I have a feeling, though, that perhaps we paid too little in the auction and so they refused to honor it under the guise of a sell out for that week. In any event, we're now trying to plan something with other couples, perhaps a DIY trip to BVI.

On a brighter note, I busted out on continental.com right at the beginning of the 24 hour online check-in window and scored the best seat in the plane. The Boston-Houston flights always use the planes with two exit rows next to each other, where the front one has two seats and the back one three seats. So, the person by the window in the second exit row has no seat in front, and can completely stretch out. Tomorrow evening, that will be me. It sure beats the seats we had when we booked the flight, split up middle seats in the two rows right in front of the bathroom. Exit row is so much nicer.

Also good news, I am in the championship game in my fantasy football league, matched up against the #8 seed. Things look pretty good, and I could wind up with a late $120 Christmas present.

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