Monday, January 17, 2005

Good luck! 
A quick good luck to those of you who are waiting for HBS and Stanford admit calls in the next two days. I was in your shoes last year, it was an anxious time. I was lucky enough to be skiing in Steamboat at the time, and it was a great feeling to finally know (I kept my voicemail from DB until I left my job in June, since it was on my work number). Last year was a bit different, as both schools officially announced on the same day. This year Stanford officially announces on the 18th and HBS on the 19th for R1. I got my Stanford call a day early, 1/20, which had been the custom for the last couple of years. Perhaps this year they kept it on the official day since they were already a day ahead of HBS. Last year HBS updated the website with admission status precisely at 12pm Eastern on the designated day, 1/21. So I assume this year's R1 group will hear the word same time on Wednesday. Good luck!

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