Monday, January 24, 2005

Of interviews, airlines, and jury duty 
Interview closed lists are starting to come out today. The majority will be released tomorrow, with the stragglers coming in Wednesday. Starting Wednesday at 5pm we can sign-up for specific slots and I'll start to have an idea of what my hell week schedule will look like. Thus far everything seems to be going according to plan, but only a fraction of my target companies have released lists, so we'll see.

Last week when Jie and I were booking our trip to Puerto Rico the ticket prices jumped from $330pp to $380pp at the last minute, literally. Those same tickets are now back to $330pp today. Stupid airlines...

I got a summons for jury duty on Friday. I lived in Texas for 26 years and was never summonsed for a jury, 5 months in Boston and it happened already. Worse yet, it is due to the urgent needs of the court, so I may not be able to get out of it just for being a student. To add insult to injury, my date is the Thursday before Hell Week. And just to kick me while I'm down, my court location is out in Dorchester instead of being in Boston or Cambridge. Hopefully the judge will take pity and allow me to delay it until recruiting is over, but recruiting doesn't really end until after March 6th, I don't know if he'll buy a month delay. We'll see...

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