Friday, February 18, 2005

Jie and I are in Chicago for the weekend. I had an interview this morning, and then we spent the afternoon on Michigan Avenue checking out all the shopping. Relative to Boston or NYC, Chicago feels a lot more like Texas. It's seems like a really nice city, and I think I could actually live here for more than 2 years.

The interview went pretty well, but wasn't without drama. When we arrived at the hotel last night I realized that I didn't bring a dress shirt. Yes, that's right, I'm an idiot... Anyway, after an initial moment of shock, I managed to call the concierge and found out that the Brooks Brothers across the street opens at 8am, which was an hour before my 9am interview. In the end, crisis averted, and the interviews went smoothly.

On another note, any admitted students and partners coming for admit weekend should swing by Brother Jimmy's on Thursday night from 6-9pm for the Partner's Club event. Jie has been organizing it, and it should be a good time. If you do make it out, be sure to say hi!

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