Thursday, February 03, 2005

Citizen Mark 
Today I fulfilled my obligation in that noblest of duties, that of the juror. The day started omininously, as my subway train took forever due to a gas leak in the JFK/UMass station. Once in Dorchester I proceeded to walk the wrong direction for a few blocks before recognizing my mistake. I arrived at the courthouse a little late, which was ok because we sat in the juror room for 3.5 hours before getting called. On the positive side, I got all my cases done for tomorrow and a healthy amount of interview prep as well. -More later, have to go to a bar-

Ok, just got back. The story no longer seems interesting to me, so I'll sum it up: Sat on jury with some interesting people, jurored a case that should never have gone to court (no evidence to prosecute), deliberated for about 5 minutes, pronounced the guy innocent.

I already notified the registrar that I wouldn't be there tomorrow, so it was very tempting to play hookey and use the jury duty excuse, but for some reason I would actually rather be in class than not. I like sitting through the discussion and learning everyone's POV.

Ok, goodnight.

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