Saturday, March 05, 2005

I've had a great time the last few nights celebrating the fact that I have no more interviews. I still haven't heard back from any of my 2nd round interviews (except the one offer I have), but hopefully things will clear up in the next week. The firm in Chicago is really irritating me. They said they would get back to me within a week, but it's been two weeks and still no news. I called my contact yesterday morning and asked if he knew what was going on. He said no, but he would find out and call me back. I still haven't heard anything, though.

My theory is that they are still concerned that I don't want to be in Chicago and so have extended offers to people who definitely want to be there, and are leaving me hanging until they hear back from those people. If that's the case, I completely understand, but it would be nice if they would tell me that! It does no one any good to refuse to let me know what's going on.

That leads me to two pet peeves about the recruiting process:

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