Saturday, March 19, 2005

Lost update 
I wrote an update a few days ago but then blogger crashed and it was lost. Ah well, such is life.

Tonight Jie and I are going to the symphony to celebrate the fact that the summer internship decision is made. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reach the firm I didn't select, so I don't want to say anything here until I've done that. You never know who's reading.

In an effort to save money Jie and I are taking some liquor with us on our trip to Puerto Rico. I figure drinks on Vieques will be pricey, and so I picked up a bottle of Famous Grouse Gold Reserve today. Famous Grouse is my favorite blended scotch whiskey, and I figured for a special occasion like a trip to PR I might as well spring for the 12 year old Gold Reserve.

We leave for PR on Monday at 7am, and we can't wait. While the weather in Boston was great today (Sunny, low 40's), the weather in PR was better (Sunny, low 80's). I'm well over halfway through The Confusion, and I picked up a copy of The System of the World from the library today, so I'll have plenty of reading to do while laying on the beach sipping Grouse.

I'll probably provide one last update tomorrow, and then it'll be total blackout until next Sunday when we return.

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