Sunday, March 20, 2005

Next Stop, Vieques 
The campus has been a ghost town the last few days. I played squash yesterday morning and I don't think any of the other courts were in use the entire time we played. EC students (2nd years) had their spring break last week, while ours is this week, so there was no one around Saturday and this morning.

Jie and I have been enjoying our vacation thus far, we've run last minute errands for our trip and generally vegged out. We watched Ray on Friday night, which I thought was good but could have used some more aggresive editing. Last night we went to the Symphony, courtesy of some fellow Texans at HBS. It was a fun time, and I'm glad we went, but I once again proved to myself that I really don't care for live music. I love music, and for example am really enjoying Napster to Go, but it's more of a background thing for me and not the main event. Having said that, I had never been to the symphony before, and I'm glad we went.

We also had sushi last night at a place called Ma Soba in Beacon Hill. It was pretty damn good fish, and they had some original rolls as well. I still miss the Oysters on the Halfshell at Miyako in Houston, but Ma Soba is pretty good.

Alright, this is it until this time next Sunday. We're flying out to San Juan in the morning, then taking an hour cab to Fajardo to catch the ferry to Vieques. Hopefully we'll catch the 2pm ferry, but if not we'll have to wait until 4:30. The ferry is around 90 minutes, and then we have to take another cab to our B&B. We'll have a Suzuki Sidekick for the week while we're there, with plenty of beaches to explore. See you Sunday!

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