Sunday, March 13, 2005

Spending Spree and Decision Time 
I've been on a spending binge over the last few weeks. After getting the Creative Zen Micro, which has been great, I saw the need for a networked external drive for Jie and I to jointly share the songs we get off of Napster-To-Go. Though the service is meant to work with multiple computers per account (you can have up to 3), the actual implementation is a little uneven. Essentially, if I put a playlist on the Zen from my PC, and then Jie puts her own on there from her PC later, my playlist will no longer show up. It's easy enough for me to drag all our existing playlists from my PC onto the Zen, since Napster shows them on both PC's regardless of where they were created, but then if I haven't downloaded all the songs from Jie's playlist onto my PC (nevermind that they are already on the Zen), Napster downloads them to me before checking the Zen to see that they are already there. With a networked hard drive this should no longer be an issue.

Anyway, so after getting the Zen I'm now getting a nifty 80GB hard drive that will work with my wireless router. Down the road, perhaps for my birthday, I want to get one of those Creative, Linksys, or Dlink Wireless Media Routers. The Dlink looks like the most bang for the buck, but apparently it doesn't play nicely with non-Dlink routers. On a more b-school related note, I'm also now thinking of shelling out $200 to participate in a 2-day Training the Street financial modeling seminar. Has anyone been through one of these? Was it worth the money?

Decision time for the job search is almost upon me. I sometimes suffer from a lack of decisiveness, particularly when making a decision will necessitate turning someone down or delivering bad news. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon all the cards will be on the table and I'll be able to make a decision. I'll try not to spend too much time driving myself and Jie crazy. At least career services was nice enough to give us a helpful presentation in how to say no.

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