Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Summer Plans 
It occured to me just now that I failed to write about my confirmed summer plans now that I have finally contacted everyone I needed to. I will be in Houston for the summer, working for a financial services firm. I actually started laying the groundwork to getting a job with this firm back in November of 2003, when I chose a person from the firm for my interview for the McCombs School at UT. It turned out my interviewer was the head of the department I wanted to work for, and so I contacted them early in the recruiting process, went through the process, and it eventually led to an offer. It seems that preparation can actually lead to great results, who knew???

On another note, Director Mitch was nice enough to assist me with one of my cases that directly relates to his industry. You can find his comments here. He made many of the same points as the professor, and I think it's an interesting read.

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