Monday, April 11, 2005

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Everyone at school seems to be on autopilot these days. Either you've already got your internship lined up, in which case you're killing time for the rest of the semester, or you're still looking, in which case life is busy enough that you can't focus on studying. Either way, I think these last five weeks of class are going to be painful.

I got a package in the mail today from my summer employer. I called them a few weeks ago and let them know that I'd be happy to get a head start if I could and start reading anything they thought would be useful. Yes I know, so ambitious. So, I've now got several manuals and books to take a crack at if I can motivate myself to do so.

I went to a cool sounding seminar today that was supposed to be about the linkage between strategy and valuation from an analysis and investing perspective. The speaker was from CSFB Holt, and it turned out to basically be a sales pitch for the software they produce. I never did figure out what the talk had to do with business strategy...

I've been designated the Chili Cook-Off lead for my section for the upcoming Cook-Off. It takes place on the 24th, the day after Admit Weekend II, so if you come for admit weekend you should try and make the cook-off. It runs from 12-4 that Sunday. Anyway, I'm not much of a chili person but I'm going to take my best shot. Apparently people get really into it, with cheers and t-shirts and decorations and so forth.

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