Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dim Sum, Boston Commons, and Sin City 
We had a pretty full day today. The weather was beautiful (sunny, highs around 70), so we got up early, got our errands out of the way, and then enjoyed ourselves. We had a Partner's Club Dim Sum brunch at China Pearl Restaurant in Chinatown. It was very good and very inexpensive, I highly recommend it.

After that we had a few hours to kill before our movie so we walked through Boston Commons and down Newbury Street. It was more crowded than I think I've seen in Boston, check out the photo below and the pictures on smugmug. Tomorrow I'm heading out to check out some of the marathon, so I'll try and get some pictures of that as well.

We caught Sin City this afternoon, it was pretty good but much more violent than I was expecting. This was my biggest movie surprise since we watched Closer thinking it was a romantic comedy. It's always better when you know what the movie is about before you walk in, but I still enjoyed Sin City. We also saw it with a digital projector, which was actually pretty cool. Not a huge improvement over regular projectors (not like HD vs. regular TV), but I think it made a difference for Sin City, since the movie was shot entirely digital.

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