Wednesday, April 06, 2005

EC Courses 
Today they released the list of courses we can take next year. There are 61 possible full-year courses, 19 half-courses, and 9 Field Study Seminars. A field study seminar is just a half-course with a real-world paper tacked onto the end. For example, I am interested in Energy, and will thus likely take either the Energy half-course or FSS, depending on how it works with the rest of my schedule. Nearly half the courses fall into the Entrepreneurship bucket, though many courses fall in more than one category.

Along with the list, we were given access to the course reviews for the Class of 2004. There are clearly several extremely well regarded courses and well regarded professors, several on the bottom of the scale, and then the majority somewhere in the middle. I've heard the expression take the professor, not the course, and based upon my experience in undergrad I think that's great advice. So, over the next month or so I'll be scheming and plotting my course selections and then submitting my preference list for next year. They then randomly allocate courses based on preferences and let us know what we got in August. Yes, you read that correctly, we don't get the results for three months after we submit our requests.

It occured to me today that I haven't written much about school. Things have stayed busy since Spring Break, much to my surprise. I was looking forward to time to relax before the summer, but we're already in the last 6 weeks of school and so there's no rest. Next week we have our Finance 2 final, and the week after that is LCA. They stagger course start and end times, so it means we don't have all 6 finals at the end. Seems nice in theory but I'm not looking forward to cramming for the FIN final next week.

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