Saturday, May 21, 2005

Career Journal 
Sometime this year I committed to writing a Career Journal for Career Services that they would put online for the Class of 2007. They are trying to find ways to reduce the anxiety level, so they thought it would make sense if students could read about someone else's successful experience. While I thought it would be a fairly easy undertaking given my blogging habit, it acutally turned out to be a fair amount of work and weighs in at just over 8 pages. I finished my final first draft and sent it to a classmate of mine who also happens to be an accomplished journalist in his pre-HBS life. Hopefully after his review it will be ready to be on display for the next five years or so, which seems to be the shelf-life at HBS for projects like this.

I've also been working on Career Teams a little since school ended, as well as wrapping up the late fee issue and watching lots of TV. I met with the Executive Director of the MBA Program, Steve Nelson, for about 30 minutes yesterday to discuss the fee and my objections to its implementation. It was a pleasant conversation, and though he didn't eliminate the fee he did reveal that he has taken the bull by the horns and has scheduled meetings with the relevant departments to make sure the necessary changes are made. He encouraged me to keep an eye on the issue and raise it again if I don't think they get it right this time. I think that's a fairly reasonable response and about the best I could hope for, so I paid up.

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