Thursday, May 05, 2005

Charity Auction 
We went to the section charity auction last night. It was a really fun time, we managed to snag a couple of cool things for great prices, and in the process personally contributed about $800 to the $60k+ that the section raised. The bidding was really pushed over the top by a single item, 1% of the combined salaries in 10 years of three of our sectionmates. I'm not convinced that these items are ever enforced, it will be interesting to see at our 10 year reunion. The only downside of the event was my overconsumption of wine, I was in bad shape during class today. Luckily, most of the section was feeling similarly, and our professors gave us plenty of slack.

It looks like Jie and I will be driving down to Houston right before Memorial Day, and then she'll be flying back to return to Boston for the summer. I think we'll drive back through Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri, since I've never driven through that part of the country. I think we could do it in two days, though it may take more than that. I'll have to decided on a route and then head to AAA to get my triptik.

I was impressed with HBS today, we already got the results of our finance 2 final. On the other hand, I also found out that native english speaking faculty are not provided with any editing services when they write cases (they do get peer-review, though). That's why there are so many grammatical errors, in case you were wondering.

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