Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fast, fun, and uneventful 
Jie and I arrived in Austin around 6pm tonight. We made the drive fairly quickly, 2-3 hours faster than I expected. I think this is primarily because we hit almost 0 traffic. We passed through Hartford, Connecticut (the traffic scourge of the NE) and St. Louis, Mo around 6am on the two mornings, and managed to breeze through Dallas at 3pm, right before rush hour began. Other than that, the only cities we drove through were Indianapolis and Columbus.

We left Boston at 4:30am yesterday and drove until 10:30pm EST when we stopped in St. Louis, for a day total of 18 hours of driving and 1200 miles. We spent the night in a Fairfield Inn, which was nice and clean, if a little more than I wanted to pay ($75+tax). We got up this morning and left the hotel around 6am in order to make it through Dallas before traffic. After 12 hours of driving and 800 miles we arrived in Austin.

Here are the total trip statistics:
2006 Miles
30.15 Hours
67 gallons of gas
Average of 30 mpg (high of 34, low of 28, rough inverse correlation to external temp)
Average speed of 67 mph (including all stops except overnight)

Key points: We didn't stop much, with 5 4+ hour segments and only 1 sub-3 hour segment. Great gas mileage, especially for a V6, I was impressed with our Accord. Coincidentally, our individual driving stats mirror the daily stats: I drove 18 hours/1200 miles and Jie drove 12 hours/800 miles, and we alternated driving stints through the entire trip (I started and ended, hence the higher numbers). And yes, I do realize that I am a complete data geek.

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