Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my new toy, a Samsung 50" DLP HDTV. This purchase has been a long time coming, and I decided to do it now because they are phasing out the model I'm getting and so it was reasonably inexpensive, as far as HDTVs go. Comcast is due at 3pm to drop off the new HDTV cable box, so I'm looking forward to spending tomorrow night in HDTV bliss.

Anyway, I've wasted all sorts of time lately on picking out and buying the TV, so I apologize for the lack of commentary. Things are winding down in school, though in a busy way. I'm one of the captains for Career Teams next year, so I've been pretty busy with that as well. Also, Newport Ball, the end of year bash, is on Friday down in Newport. So, if there is a long period of silence you can just picture me rotting on the couch in some sort of hi-definition induced nirvana.

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