Monday, June 13, 2005

Ya gotta take the good with the bad... 
Today after work I went to work out at Bally's, my new gym. So far I've worked out three times and so my average cost is down to a low price of $50. I think when I get down to $5 I'll have gotten my money's worth. Anyway, I got there today and they had a sign on the front door stating that there would be no air conditioning on Monday or Tuesday. Now, this place has been at least 75 degrees every day I've been there, but it had to be well over 85 today. It was so hot that after 2 miles on a treadmill, directly below a ceiling fan, I had to take a break and drink a lot of water before I could do the last mile. Oh yeah, and half the TV's weren't working either. They were running this stupid message that said something about an invalid cable card.

So I get home, and after a while realize that my cell phone won't make incoming or outgoing calls. I call the Cingular help line and get a message saying that their help desk is only open 7a-9p M-F in my local time zone. Wait a minute, it was 7:30pm! WTF? So I call their after hours help desk and get a message saying it is "unavailable." Anyway, I called back later and finally got through. After a 20 minute hold time I'm now talking to a live person, who apparently has the problem solving savvy to call my number and tell me that it went straight to voicemail. Brilliant.

As for the good news, I got the balance of my term two grades today. After scoring below average on just about every final exam I finally did well on a few. Ok, gotta go!

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