Monday, August 29, 2005

How old are we? 
Sue Shellenbarger wrote a couple of articles in the WSJ Work and Family section regarding overinvolved parents in the college experience (the articles are from 7/28 & 8/25). Labeling them “Helicopter Parents,” she cites numerous examples which would be funny if they weren’t so sad, like parents who communicate directly with the school to arrange roommates, pick courses, buy books, etc. Of course, a certain amount of parental involvement at the undergraduate level is positive and expected, but parents also need to learn to let kids live their own lives.

Why is this at all relevant to a b-school blog? Well, because some parents still haven’t let go, even at this level. I read somewhere at one point that the surest way to get dinged from a school was if your parents called to ask questions about the admissions process. I think it was in an interview with an admissions director, and he ranked heavy parental involvement in the admission process as a greater sin than leaving the wrong school’s name in one of your essays. Apparently a few sneak through the net, though, as a friend of mine overheard a parent inquire of the administration if there was a sheet changing service available for his son. Come on people, we’re all supposed to be adults here…

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