Sunday, August 28, 2005

Review of Aspasia 
Aspasia Jie and I went there for dinner Saturday night.  It’s a small upscale eatery about a mile northwest of Harvard Square.  While moderately priced for an upscale establishment (entrees $20-30), the portions were huge and the food delicious.  We had a clam and calamari appetizer, then Jie had the duck and I had the lamb.  I’m serious about my meat, so I requested that the lamb be cooked “as little as is healthy,” and I wasn’t disappointed.  The duck was fantastic as well, so it was an all around good meal.  I would recommend Aspasia, and Jie and I are already trying to figure out when we can return and with whom to try out the Prix Fixe menu.

Good luck to everyone in the path of Hurricane Katrina.  We’ll definitely be watching the news and thinking about those caught in the region.

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