Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Schedules are out! 
Course schedules came out yesterday! It's about time, too, they were really starting to stretch the term "early" August. I did really well, at least relative to the few people I've spoken with, so I'm pretty happy. Of course, I didn't really go for a lot of the high demand courses so I had good odds going in. Looking at how things shook out it looks like I should have done a few minor things differently to really get my ideal schedule, but all in all things went well. Here's my lineup, in the order I ranked them (but broken out by semester):

Managing Service Operations
Coordinating and Managing Supply Chains
International Financial Management
Dynamic Markets
Strategy and Technology

Entrepreneurial Management in a Turnaround Environment
Investment Management
Professional Services
Half Course in Behavioral Corporate Finance
Business Analysis and Valuation
Coming of Managerial Capitalism

I didn't get Corporate Strategy because it was full long before my #3 ranking, and a Half Course in Energy that I couldn't get because of a time conflict, and thus I got Coming of Mgrl Cpt instead. I'm going to go to both, I think, and then decide whether I want to try to shift my schedule around in order to get Energy instead, and also be a half-course lighter.

The best part is that my half course in Beh Fin is the only one before 10am, so I won't be in class until 10 for 3/4 of the year. Also, my Thu-Fri will always get out at 1pm, so I'll have long weekends. In fact, I'll be on weekend from 1pm Friday until 10am Monday all year. That's almost as good as freshman year of college when I skipped all my Friday classes and so I was on the weekend from Thursday afternoon until Monday afternoon every week.

So, the scheduling process was a bit of a headache and it could probably be made more user friendly, but it worked out so I'm cool with it. Any comments on my schedule? I wish I could have gotten a marketing class, but the only one I thought about taking is in the fall, and I really wanted the five classes I already have.

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