Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Winding Down 
My summer in Houston is starting to wind down. I've got two more weekends here and then I drive back up to Boston with my brother. I'm looking forward to starting my second year, but I'm also kind of sad to leave work so soon. I only have 10 days left in the office and I really feel like I have a lot left to learn and do before I leave. My quality of work has shot up just over the last few weeks and I've made some good friends.

Two funny things happened to Jie and I recently, and in both cases the companies seem to be doing the right things:

Cingular - Our LG LC1300 phones from Cingular have been giving us problems for ages. So, Jie finally got fed up and called in about it and after talking to the lady for a while she admitted they had a lot of complaints about the phones and offered to replace them. She made it sound like we would get new versions of the same phone. Well, the box arrived and not only was there not one for me (we have a family plan), but the phone that arrived was refurbished, and it still had a picture of a half-naked woman as the background and all the menus were in Spanish. Well, that wasn't what we wanted when we asked for new phones. Jie called back and expressed her indignation and this time they eventually offered to send us two brand new Motorola V180 phones. Much better, at least until I get mine and it's a refurbished model with no battery or power cord (Jie got a brand new one in a real box and everything). So, after calling Cingular again a new phone is supposed to be making it's way to me now. We'll see once I get it...

Chase - Someone apparently has my mastercard information because they charged $2900 in wildfire fighting products to it. Well, the jokes on them because I shortly thereafter (and unknowingly) maxed out the card and then Jie caught the charge. After a brief call with Chase the account has been closed (before I could download my statements to Quicken, damn they're quick!), and we'll get the necessary paperwork and new cards in 3-5 days.

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