Thursday, September 15, 2005

Need sleep... 
I’m feeling really overwhelmed lately, I don’t think I’ve been this busy since early last year, if ever.  Right now I’ve got three case days every day since I was dumb enough to sign up for 5.5 classes.  On top of that, Career Teams is way oversubscribed so we’ve been working to attract additional Team Leaders and discourage those 1st years who aren’t truly serious and/or are unable to attend all the meetings from participating.

I’ve come to realize that my extra half-class, which I figured would be a bit fluffy, is actually a full 29 session course crammed into 15 sessions.  I’m sure we’re not doing absolutely everything they do in the real thing, but we seem to be doing most of it.  On that note, I’ve got to go note down the order of my aspect and values cards for the self-assessment exercise we’ll be discussing tomorrow.

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