Thursday, October 27, 2005

a.k.a. DIP Week 
Next week is Hell Week, the week people love or hate around here.  For those with sponsorships or who are going back to their summer employer it means trips to Vegas or other exotic locals.  For us poor souls without a job it means 2-5 hours of interviewing each day followed by (or interspersed by) hours with nothing in particular to do.  I got pretty lucky this time around in that I basically have one interview per day, though hopefully that will be complicated by 2nd round interviews.

My focus this year is on consulting and general management positions.  I’m looking for something more challenging than typical general management jobs, yet more socially interactive than something like investment management.  I’ve been practicing my case interviews over the last few weeks with classmates and I think I’m doing pretty well at this point.  Now it is more about execution than preparation.

Thanks for the submissions on the Hedge Fund names.  Our top choices are Bringing Down the Class, Milken the Market, J.T. Marlin (think Boiler Room), and then Highwater Mark (which would be perfect for me but doesn’t work for my teammate).  Hopefully with one of those clever names we can induce massive inflows and then go to work outperforming the class.  That’s the idea, anyway…

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