Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Who knew TV was so exciting? 
It’s funny that I wrote my cynical post yesterday, as I had a great day of classes today. In International Financial Management we learned about an American company that partnered with a local figure to launch a TV station in Eastern Europe. All was well and profits were rolling in and then they found out their partner had ties to the Russian Mafia and the former secret police of his country, and he managed to screw them out of their investment. Fortunately, international courts came to the rescue and the local government wound up leveraging an additional tax on the citizens of the country to pay the settlement to the American company. A very interesting case.

Then in Dynamic Markets we finally reached the point in the semester where we form the Hedge Funds that we will use for the rest of the year. I’m teaming up with a guy from my section, we planned since signing up for the course to work together, and we’re looking forward to kicking butt. Anyway, we have to think of a catchy name for our fund so that we can market it to our fellow classmates and try to gain inflows to put to work. Our initial thoughts are either Short Term Capital Management (an obvious play on LTCM) or something using our initials… Any ideas for catchy hedge fund names?

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