Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My least favorite time of year 
Now that Hell Week has come and gone I’m starting to get in the difficult business of making decisions.  Long, long time readers will remember the irritating back and forth surrounding the HBS/Stanford decision, while long time readers will remember the angst over the summer internship decision last year.  Clearly there is something wrong with my massive-life-changing-decision making process, but I don’t know what so I guess I’ll keep banging my head against a wall trying to figure this out.

Anyway, the first decision is whether to go back into operations or spend some time in consulting.  I think I’ll probably only end up in consulting if I think I will be there a long time, perhaps 10+ years, so it’s not exactly an easy decision to make.  If I choose operations, which is pretty likely, then there is only one job that I have my eye on.  If I choose the consulting route, though, then I have to make another decision around which firm to go work for, which involves issues like travel, geography, and firm culture.
This uncertainty always drives me nuts.

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