Sunday, November 13, 2005

Paper Classes, nice for now... 
Tomorrow marks the first day of the semester where I don’t have classes in the courses I am taking that require papers.  At HBS 2nd year classes either have 20 or 29 sessions, depending on whether there is a paper or a final.  I have two paper classes, both of which are on X days (M/T/some W), so from now on I have only one class on Monday and Tuesday.  Of course, I’m supposed to spend that time working on my paper, so it’s not really a free lunch.

In Strategy and Technology I am in a group writing a paper on Sirf Technologies, a company with some cool IP in GPS that it is trying to sell into cell phones, automotive markets, and the like.  We’ll be investigating their business model to see if they can succeed in carving out a niche and profits with their IP.

In International Financial Management I’m writing a paper on personal investing in international markets and whether it makes more sense to go with actively managed funds in less developed markets (read: less efficient) and index funds in well developed markets.  It’s a huge subject, so I’m trying to carve out a spot that will make for an 8-10 page paper and can get researched and written in less than 40 total hours, which is the standard for individual papers in that class.

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