Tuesday, December 13, 2005

4.5 down, 1 to go 
I was really lucky this semester in that two of my classes had no final or paper.  I finished one paper yesterday, my portion of a group paper today, and I have a final tomorrow morning, so as of tomorrow at 12:30 I will be officially done with my third term at HBS.  Rather than being excited I actually find this kind of depressing, in that in just six months I’ll graduate from HBS and be on my way back to the working world.  Sigh…

Speaking of the working world, I’m still no closer to making a decision on where to work than I was a month ago.  I seem to only become more confused as more time passes, rather than the other way around.

Oh, I did find out today that my -100% return in one week in Dynamic Markets probably wasn’t enough to relegate me to a 3 in the class for the semester.  We did pretty well the last three weeks, but it was a strong showing early in the class that really kept me out of 3 territory.

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