Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Holidays! 
I haven’t written anything over the last few days as there hasn’t been anything really noteworthy to write about.  Christmas was great (all three of them) and Jie and I have been relaxing in much the same manner as in Austin.  Oh yeah, I did go quail hunting the other day, that was a nice break from the routine in that it involved waking up before 11am (5:15 to be exact) and roughly 6 hours outside.

Right now we’re packing up to be ready to head back to Boston pretty early on New Year’s Day morning.  We’ll have a few days to relax in Boston and then we’ll be off to California for 8 days.  We’re still hoping to get into the Rose Bowl, but even if we don’t it will be great to be out there supporting the team.  Hook ‘em!

Happy New Years!

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