Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Week in Review 
After finishing classes last week I flew down to Atlanta where I met my Dad and brother and we rented a car and drove to Chattanooga, Tennessee to see the Division I-AA National Championship game.  It was a really fun weekend, though it’s a shame that my brother’s team, the Texas State Bobcats, weren’t in the game.  They lost in OT by a field goal to Northern Iowa, who ended up losing to Appalachian State.  The game was enjoyable, as was the city of Chattanooga.  It’s not the prettiest city in the world, though the surrounding area is really nice.  What really struck me, though, was how cheap food and drinks were there.  I don’t think we paid more than $3/beer anywhere, and food was similarly inexpensive (though not always good, either).

Jie flew down on AirTran over the weekend to meet me in Texas, and thanks to generally lousy customer service and unnecessary delays (supposedly caused by a missing flight attendant’s bag), she wasn’t able to fly down Saturday and instead came on Sunday.  We’re using some free AirTran tickets they gave us after we spent 6 hours on the runway in Atlanta last January, but after our experiences this time I don’t think we’ll ever fly AirTran again.  It would have to be a serious price difference for me to even consider that airline.

On the job front, we appear to be getting closer to a decision.  I received a call Saturday from one firm to let me know that since we’re interested in spending a year or so overseas then they are willing to start us in an overseas office, like Singapore, and then after a year we would move back to Houston.  That is a really appealing option, since we wouldn’t have to worry about Jie finding a job and then leaving to go overseas.  I expect to have a decision soon, hopefully before the end of the week.

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