Friday, January 06, 2006

Cali Trip Day 2 
The morning after watching the greatest football game I’ve ever seen Jie and I slept in and then watched the entire morning after press conference on ESPN2. It was really neat to see VY and Mack so relaxed and really enjoying the post-championship questions, a far cry from the kind of questions Mack usually gets. I really hope that Vince comes back next year (for selfish reasons), but I would completely understand if he decides to go pro.

Anyway, after watching the press conference we finally got out of bed and headed up to Hollywood in the car. I found a nice place for brunch in a hotel magazine, and we had a pretty good meal at Off Vine before doing the tourist thing. Hollywood was fun, but there was less there than I thought there would be so I guess in the end it was a little underwhelming. After Hollywood we got back in the car and drove down Sunset Boulevard through Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel Air, and the Pacific Palisades. We wound up on Route 1 and took it back down into Santa Monica, where we parked the car and watched the sunset from the beach.

After all that activity we were finally starting to get hungry again after our monster brunch so we headed back to the hotel and walked to Sushi Gen, which was right around the corner. The service, ambiance, and food at Sushi Gen were all incredible, it was possibly the best sushi we’d ever had, and definitely the best experience. Feeling good after a good meal, we stopped at the Japanese grocery store on the way back and picked up a half-liter Sapporo and one-liter Asahi for the hotel room. See smugmug for a fun pic of me with our beers.

Ok, I’ve uploaded pics through today but I’m not going to get into today’s activities until tomorrow…

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