Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Travel Junkies 
This is really what second semester second year is all about: trips.  Jie and I will hardly be in town this semester, it seems, as just about every other weekend we’ll be flying off somewhere.  This weekend we head to Colorado for four days of snow skiing, if we can get a good deal on last minute fares we’ll go to Texas for President’s Day weekend, a week later we’ll be in D.C. for a four day weekend, and we’re spending Spring Break in China.  Two more trips are in the initial planning stages, as we’ll be heading out to Chicago a couple of times to look around for housing.

Today I’m sending off my written job acceptance and my preference on how to receive my signing bonus, so hopefully I’ll get that check soon enough to pay for this new jet-setter lifestyle we’ve acquired.  Oh, and I also selected a start date in September.  Now we just have to get cracking on our summer travel plans!

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