Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2nd year, 2nd semester 
I can now see why so many 2nd year blogs don’t make it through the year.  There really isn’t that much to blog about, at least not the way the material just flows in the 1st year.  Now that my job search is settled all that’s left is to plan our vacation for the summer, find a place to live in Chicago, and enjoy the rest of the term.

Everything is going really well right now.  At this moment it looks like we’ll try to travel in Europe in May, house hunt in June, enjoy Texas in July, and then close on a place in August.  That will give us 3-4 weeks to move in and do all those new home-owner things, which seems like a lot of time right now but probably won’t be when all is said and done.

Classes are going well enough, though I confess I’m not as into them as I should be.  I keep thinking back to the whole grade disclosure debate as I shirk off my work, but I honestly don’t think it would make any difference if my grades were disclosed.

That news that came out today about Larry Summers was pretty interesting, if only in that it means that I’ll graduate HBS and attend the ceremonies at Harvard and HBS without a permanent Dean at either school.  I don’t have an opinion on Summers’ resignation, nor do many of my classmates, judging from the lack of buzz around the school today.

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