Thursday, February 23, 2006

Are big decisions really that big? 
The other day Jie and I were talking about where we want to live in Chicago and it occurred to me that I would probably be in the exact same situation if I had gone to Stanford instead of HBS for school.  Choosing HBS over Stanford probably didn’t make a difference in my summer internship (in fact, one of the people from my apartment complex in Houston who was accepted to Stanford with me also interned at the same firm) and it’s pretty doubtful that it made a difference in full-time recruiting either.  Of course, the offer I eventually accepted was only extended to me based on a relationship I had here at HBS, so I might not be at the exact same firm, but I would likely be doing similar things at a similar firm in Chicago.

Just went to an HBS people to Chicago happy hour.  Not in a position to type more tonight.  Bye.

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