Saturday, April 29, 2006

2 down, 2 to go 
My afternoon final yesterday wasn't bad at all, it turns out. Although I did write almost 2400 words, it only took 2.5 hours so it was ok. Today Jie and I have spent most of the day packing and getting ready for our drive tomorrow. In a way it's actually a good thing that we had to buy a new car, as I don't think there is any way we would have fit everything in the Honda.

Today was the NFL Draft, which is probably my favorite day of the year after the Super Bowl and before the start of the college football season, except perhaps for my birthday. I was a little surprised by the Texans decision to pass up on Reggie Bush, but it does make some sense. Kudos to Tennessee for seeing the potential in VY and drafting him at #3, though it does pain me to see Bud Adams take a homegrown Houston talent. Ah well, I guess I should be following the Bears now anyway...

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