Sunday, April 09, 2006

21 days and counting 
I had this grand plan to post something every day in April, our last month in Boston, but sadly I have completely failed to do so.  Not without a very good reason, though, as my roommate from college Kelsey and his then-girlfriend now-fiancée Sandy were in town.  Kelsey and I lived together my junior year at Texas and he was instrumental in several important days of my life, including the day I met Jie, our wedding, and the sailing trip where I set my personal best for beers consumed in a 24-hour period (28).  With that history it should be no surprise that I was too busy over the last few days to write anything.

I’ve got a lot that I would like to accomplish between now and April 30th, the day we drive out of here for the last time (we’re flying in and out for graduation).  The handover of the Career Teams program to next year’s Captains will happen within the next few weeks, as will my last meeting with my Career Team, the conclusion of my field study, and a great number of irritating tasks that you have to do when you move from one city to another.  It looks to be a busy three weeks.

In Professional Services we found out on Thursday that our professor did not make tenure and thus is concluding his teaching career at HBS.  The school has a pretty strict up-or-out policy and so professors denied tenure are out within a year.  It’s too bad, because Professor Nanda works hard than just about anyone to prepare for class, teach cases that fit a specific purpose, and engage students in the classroom.  Though over-theatrical at times, he’s one of my favorites here and it’s a shame future classes won’t get to experience him.

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