Friday, April 28, 2006

A few pre-finals thoughts 
  1. Google Calendar is really, really cool. A few features deserve mention: You can share calendars with another person (like a spouse) and their appointments show up in one color while yours show up in another. This makes it really easy to see what you have going on, particularly if you're married with two separate calendars but one social life. It also has a quick add function where you can just type in appointments. So, I can type something like 'Dinner with Melanie at Sushi Sake in Austin at 7pm on 6/21" and it will automatically generate an entry at 7pm on 6/21 titled Dinner with Melanie and with Sushi Sake in Austin as the location. On the entry there is a map link to Google Maps which pulls up the exact Sushi Sake location. Very cool.
  2. Everyone is getting pregnant here. Some very good friends of ours announced last night that they are pregnant, and they are merely joining a long list of couples we know who are preparing for a(nother) child. (Note to parents: Don't read anything into this!)
  3. I start the first of my four finals in about 2 minutes. This afternoon I have the most difficult of them, a 2500 word word-limit marathon that touches on just about every case of the entire course. The "1-2-3" grading method creates strange incentives for me, as I only have a long shot at 2nd year honors, no shot at Baker Scholar, and no shot at MBA w/ Distinction (1st & 2nd year honors but not Baker). Since I have about a 90% of getting a 2 in my classes it leads to things like inadequate preparation for my finals, taking two in one day when I could spread them out, and so forth. With all that said, wish me luck!

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